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Since 1984 Co-Prom have been sourcing all types of promotional merchandise.  The product range is unlimited and is sourced directly from top quality reliable manufacturers worldwide.  Co-Prom guarantees top product quality, punctual delivery and the highest level of personal service.

The Co-Prom team have previous experience working as Marketing Managers and Sales Managers in major UK FMCG companies. Hence we have knowledge of all aspects of the promotional premium sector, from the initial concept through to the evaluation and success of the activity. Co-Prom can either source a specific item in response to a detailed brief or suggest bespoke items.

From a Client base of UK only, we now work directly with the marketing departments of companies throughout Europe.  Contact us now and discover why Co-Prom are “The Clever Client’s Choice”.

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Environment-Friendly Product Range

Co-Prom has developed a range of environment-friendly merchandise, which helps to sustain and respect our natural resources.  The 100% organic cotton used in our bags, t-shirts and other clothing items is grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers, growth regulators, pesticides or genetic engineering.  In addition, Co-Prom sources recycled brown paper carriers, biodegradable rain ponchos, pencils made from recycled plastic cups, mousemats from recycled car tyres…… and much more.

Please contact us regarding the specific organic, recycled or biodegradable item that you require.

Co-Prom’s Ethical Sourcing Policy

Co-Prom’s policy is to source goods which:

• are produced and delivered in an environment which does not allow the exploitation or abuse of any individuals. Co-Prom ensure working conditions are safe and hygienic, wages and working hours comply with national legal standards and child labour is not used.

• have the least negative impact on the environment. Co-Prom actively encourages customers to reduce packaging materials to a minimum and use recycled packaging materials whenever possible. Waste is minimised and items are recycled whenever feasible. During production and delivery, all use of heating, lighting, ventilation and transportation is designed to maximise efficient energy use and to minimise harmful emissions.