ice scraper
I’ve just read a great article about an Estate Agents
The story is told by the wife of a butcher (bear with me) who was woken by her husband on 13 December crashing & banging round the house trying to find an ice scraper
It was the first morning of frosty windscreens.
He was running late, cold and in a bad mood.
At lunch time that day, a guy from the local Estate Agents was in the man’s butcher’s shop
and he told him how all the staff in the Estate Agent’s had got up really early ( targeting specific streets of interest in the local are) they had popped a branded ice scraper
on as many frozen windscreens as they could that morning!
Talk about thinking outside the box and doing something differently.
Think about the planning (pre-ordering the ice scrapers),
Watching the weather forecast,
planning the target areas,
then the effort to get out of bed early and leave all those unsuspecting prospect clients a fantastic
promotional gift!
Printed Ice Scrapers
Can you imagine how many people talked of getting to their cars and finding a branded ice scraper from the local estate agents resting on the windscreen! The feel good effect this campaign will have generated will be huge, for the cost of an early morning walk and ice scrapers under £1.00each, based on 250 pcs.

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